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A brilliant construction solution

The CO-BOLT® modular system developed by HESS forms the common denominator for our large range of buses. CO-BOLT® meets an extremely wide spectrum of requirements and has proven itself many times over. The system is undergoing continuous refinement and extension. CO-BOLT® components are used to build roughly 2400 buses every year on five continents in cooperation with our licensees.

CO-BOLT® has many benefits relating to investment issues, bus handling, servicing, life cycle costs (LCC) and the environment:

  • Long lifespan
  • Higher load capacity due to lightweight construction
  • Fast and simple repairs
  • Perfectly fitting spare parts
  • Optimal anticorrosion properties
  • More than 80% recycled aluminum
  • Excellent energy absorption in crashes

The environment rides for free

Our focus on reliable and sustainable mobility is the main reason that HESS buses are so popular around the globe. HESS prefers lightweight, recyclable materials and low-emission drive systems. It’s a fact: HESS precision technology – made in Switzerland – is the ideal basis for ecological sustainability.


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Life Cycle Costs

In terms of life cycle costs (LCC), HESS buses offer significant savings potential, e.g. over EUR 100,000 for a 12-meter-long bus. For more information about LCC, please contact our sales staff.

2008 Enterprise Award

HESS was honoured with the 2008 Enterprise Award presented by the Canton of Solothurn in recognition of its achievements and innovations as a technology pioneer, for its commitment in the areas of training and expertise as well as for its responsible, sustainable approach to the environment and energy usage.

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