HESS | Motion & Emotion


Making travel more pleasant

We like to make sure our buses are a pleasure to ride by equipping them with large windows, bright interior spaces, low floors for handicapped access, comfortable seats, attractive materials and an array of other details. The wide doors and smartly designed interior spaces help to ensure an optimal flow of passengers.

Exterior design

Dynamic at first sight
While serving as on-the-road ambassadors of our innovative strength and focus on quality, HESS buses should also generate an emotional response.

In the driver’s seat

Feeling at home behind the wheel
What is it about HESS buses and HESS bus drivers? Is it love at first sight, or a long and steady friendship? Our goal is to achieve both, which is one factor continuously driving our innovation. We like to keep an open line of communication with the people behind the steering wheel.

Carrosserie HESS AG