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SwissTrolley plus



Media conference on the presentation of SwissTrolley plus:


Zürcher Tagesanzeiger: SwissTrolley plus

NZZ: zuerich/verkehrsbetriebe-der-stadt-zuerich-den-trolleybus-neu-erfunden

Solothurner Zeitung: Meilenstein für HESS


Carrosserie HESS AG receives order from Bernmobil and Verkehrsbetriebe Biel


Bernmobil orders 23 new trolleybuses from Carrosserie HESS AG. The order comprises 16 articulated buses and 7 double-articulated buses. The new buses will run in Berne from 2018 and will replace the entire existing vehicle fleet. The new low-floor buses (Swisstrolley5) are equipped with a battery instead of an auxiliary diesel engine and are therefore non-polluting and quieter.

Link Berner Zeitung: Bernmobil buys 23 new trolleybuses

Verkehrsbetriebe Biel:
The public transportation services of Biel have ordered 10 new trolleybuses (Swisstrolley5). As in Berne the trolleybuses will provide for better air and will operate from 2018. Half of the existing fleet will thus be replaced. The auxiliary diesel engine is replaced by a battery allowing electric driving without overhead lines. To date, the trolleybuses had to be replaced by diesel buses during roadworks, route deviations, carnival or the summer festival "Braderie". As the new buses are entirely low-floor, VB also improves its services for people with reduced mobility and parents with baby carriages.

Verkehrsbetriebe Biel: ten new trolleybuses for Biel

New catenary deicing vehicle Connexxion


Delivery, 2015, of the new catenary deicing for 'Connexxion Holding (NL)'

Image 1, catenary deicing vehicle Image 2, catenary deicing vehicle

New catenary deicing vehicle


Delivery of the new catenary deicing vehicle with 3-way isolation for "Verkehrsbetriebe Luzern VBL" mid-September 2015

BusTrain ARRIVA (NL)



The transport company Arriva is testing in the Dutch city Doetinchem BusTrain from HESS. BusTrains are very handy and allow to adopt the transport capacity in a very flexible way.

E-Bus TOSA by Federal Palace in Berne



In front of the Federal Palace in Berne, the Federal Councillor and Minister of Transports and Energy, Doris Leuthard, and the Geneva government councillor, Luc Barthassat, visit the electrical articulated bus produced by HESS and ABB for TPG. Also with them is the government councillor and President of the Council of States, Pierre Maudet. The E-Bus with its fast recharging stations allows the purely electrical operation of diesel bus lines and relieve the residents from noise and the world from emissions of CO2. Depending on the vehicle length, the HESS bus can transport up to 210 passengers.

The first lighTram Trolley for Luzern



Luzern receives the first lighTram Trolley on 12th june 2014.

Delivery to customer LIEmobil



Delivery to customer LIEmobil: Swiss Diesel NUB: The most compact in its class. The 9.5 m low floor bus has a generous low-floor area to the rear of the vehicle. Technology: 22.5 `` - mechanics, 2 doors, aluminum body, built in Switzerland. In the picture from left to right: M. Jehle, U. Feisst, J. Frick, C. Steinmann

Delivery to customer bus operation Busbetrieb Seetal-Freiamt



Delivery to customer bus operation Busbetrieb Seetal-Freiamt Swiss Diesel Plus: A new quality of public transport is visible, a visual calling card of a quality and sustainable transport performance. Technology: 12m low-floor bus, 2-door, aluminum body, independent front suspension, wide passage at the rear axle for good passenger flow, built in Switzerland. In the picture from left to right: M. Jehle, U. Feisst, J. Frick, C. Steinmann: Y. Brügger, G. Kunz, P. Wirth

CarPostal tested the Bustrain



The XXL CarPostal vehicle is an alternative to vehicles with two decks as currently in use. This unit with a length of 23 m is composed of a tractor vehicle of 12 m and an 11 m trailer. This unit has been in use between Düdingen (FR) and Laupen (BE) since one year. For school transport it is operated together with the trailer; outside these periods only the 12 m bus is in use. The complete unit has 63 seats and 100 standing places. This represents 20 places more than in an articulated bus and 70 more than in a traditional CarPostal. Both the bus as the trailer have low-floor entrances and are equipped with air conditioning. The widely varying passenger volume can easily be managed thanks to the trailer that can rapidly be coupled and uncoupled. The double-deck buses used in Eastern Switzerland will soon have to be replaced and our XXL CarPostal would present a very good alternative. In addition to positive economic and customer service issues ecological aspects such as a reduced fuel consumption are taken into account.

HESS presented TOSA



HESS presented at UITP 2013, together with ABB, the worldwide novelty electric articulated bus TOSA

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