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Electrification of bus transport continues to make progress and helps fighting against climate change

HESS offers you top solutions for the electrification of your bus service.

Did you know that HESS has been constructing e-buses for over 75 years? Today, the example of line 23 of the public transport in Geneva (Switzerland). Thanks to electrification of bus transports, a huge amount of CO2 emissions can be saved.

Take advantage of our know-how in the field of electrification of bus transports and contact our customer consultants for further information. Details about the above mentioned example in Geneva can also be found in our following flyer or video.

For this example, energy recharging of the HESS E-Buses of the type lighTram® TOSA is done at some bus stops by charging stations of ABB.

HESS Charging Systems

Video TOSA