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HESS receives electric bus order from Winterthur

HESS wins the international tender and framework agreement to supply a fleet of electric buses to Stadtbus Winterthur (Switzerland).

The mandate is for the supply of up to 70 “lighTram®“ vehicles. The 24.7 m long buses from HESS are already in operation in Geneva, Lausanne, Berne, Lucerne, Zurich and St. Gallen and will now be deployed in Winterthur. Lines 5 and 7 in Winterthur are switching from diesel buses to electric buses. The tender has a total value of around CHF 110 million.

With their attractive design, spacious standing areas and ergonomic driver’s area, HESS vehicles bring a new dimension to tyre-based passenger transport. The innovative energy management gives the vehicles a lighter construction. As a result, they can transport more passengers than normal electric buses. They also consume less energy than comparable vehicles. During their journeys, the vehicles are charged via the “dynamic charging” principle on specific sections of the line.

HESS started in 1940 by constructing the first electrically driven buses and is today one of the world’s leading electric bus companies. Today, hundreds of thousands of passengers are transported in HESS electric buses every day.

The bid was accepted subject to a 10-day objection period.



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