The fast-growing mobility is one of the most important challenges of the 21st century. To meet it, we need to factor in specific local conditions without ever losing sight of global trends. This is why HESS, over decades of close cooperation with manufacturers and operators worldwide, has developed the CO-BOLT® modular system. Continously subject to new developments, CO-BOLT®’s flexibility makes it possible to meet the most diverse needs in public transit demand. The close cooperation with exclusive license holders in specific international markets puts over 2400 top quality buses on the world’s roads every year on five continents.

CO-BOLT® has many benefits relating to investment issues, bus handling, servicing, life cycle costs (LCC) and the environment:

  • a long, problem-free service life
  • rapid and simple repairs
  • a high loading capacity thanks to the light construction
  • exactly fitting replacement parts
  • optimal anticorrosion properties
  • use of more than 80% recycled aluminium


  • excellent energy absorption in the case of a crash
  • a structure made out of extruded aluminium profiles in the CO-BOLT® module
  • system connections by means of corner supports and clamping plates
  • screw locking device with a two-component glue
  • the screws can easily be released at any time for repair work
  • the side walls are prefabricated, roof with all components ditto
  • front, rear and roof covering made out of glass-fibrereinforced plastic