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Good things come in small packages

With a length of only 12 meters, the Eurotrolley is the “piccolo” of the trolley bus family. It is ideal for fast, flexible service and roads with tight curves. The Eurotrolley is agile due to its 12-meter length, and comfortably holds 82 passengers. Like all HESS buses, the aluminum body is built using our CO-BOLT® modular system.

Quality of life on wheels

Trolley buses provide an optimum solution when urban centers start to push up against their capacity limits and need rapid access to new transport options. Especially if scarce oil resources and rising diesel prices are taken into account as well. Or if cities adopt stricter environmental standards to be met. For evidence of a true renaissance in trolleys these days, just look at Rome, Lyon, Athens, San Francisco, Seattle and many other cities. With its outstanding energy usage, the trolley bus is an attractive transport choice that is both quiet and emissions-free.

Skizze Eurotrolley
12 m
2.55 m
32 (+2)
ca. 82

Eurotrolley gallery

  • Eurotrolley 1
  • Eurotrolley 2
  • Eurotrolley 4

Trolleys on the fast lane

  • Environmentally and climate friendly, low noise
  • Efficient through recovery of braking energy
  • Long lifespan
  • Good return on investment
  • Advanced, low-maintenance electric motors
  • Comfortable ride due to even acceleration
  • 1-axle drive


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