With the BusTrain, transport companies can react on-site to fluctuations in passenger numbers and save overcapacities and fuel: At lower passenger frequency, the economic standard bus is used, and at peak times, the trailer is used. As an ideal harnessed team, the BusTrain carries nearly twice as many travellers as without the trailer, in a quick coupling manoeuvre. The trailer is decoupled just as quickly and comfortably at off-peak times. That makes sense as articulated buses used throughout the day, although they travel half-empty for hours, are just as uneconomical as bus companies using a relief vehicle with an additional driver at peak times. In short: HESS BusTrains meet the pressing needs of our time for more mobility, flexibility and economy across the entire line.

Service as needed
The BusTrain can perfectly exploit its strengths on routes with greatly fluctuating passenger numbers. With a simple coupling and decoupling process, the capacities are adjusted – up or down. This work only takes the driver a few minutes. Even in large fleets, the flexible concept makes sense. If several tractor vehicles are equipped with a trailer, capacities can be flexibly increased with increased demand for transport. This is one option which, last but not least, pays off at large events such as football games, large fairs or festivals.