Brake resistors

The brake resistors located on the bus roof are exposed to the weather, shocks and vibrations. Over time, this may result in damage to the bearing plates, rails and insulators.

  • The brake resistor is delivered in its individual parts.
  • Each individual part is visually inspected for cracks or other damage. 
  • If necessary, defective parts are replaced or professionally repaired. 
  • The parts are cleaned and the brake resistor is put back together again. 
  • Finally, an insulation test is performed.


The pulleys must work smoothly to guarantee the functioning of the rod bearers.

  • Complete disassembly of the pulleys. 
  • Cleaning and inspection of all parts.
  • Replacement of all wear parts.
  • If necessary, replacement of the shaft and springs. 
  • Mounting of the new cable with the cable thimble provided.

Rotary compressor

The rotary compressor (also called the air compressor) must perform its service every day. It is responsible for ensuring that the brakes, doors, air suspension and all other components work properly.

  • The rotary compressor is disassembled and all the parts are checked and cleaned.
  • Wear parts and defective parts are replaced. 
  • The rotary compressor is put back together again and subjected to a functional test.

Maintenance interval: service every 2 years, complete overhaul every 8 years / 10,000 operating hours

Current collector base parts (rod bearers)

The current collector base part (rod bearer) has various springs, pneumatic cylinders and bearings that may show signs of normal wear and tear over time. To avoid high investment costs, the current collector base part should be regularly and appropriately serviced and examined.

  • The supplied current collector base part is  fully disassembled into its individual parts.
  • All parts are cleaned, examined and subjected to a visual inspection.
  • All wear parts are replaced. 
  • The current collector base part is put back together again and inspected.

Door motors and drive

The door motors are frequently used every day and must always be working perfectly.

To ensure that the functionality is always guaranteed, the door motors supplied are disassembled and cleaned and defective parts are replaced.

The door motor is then put back together again and its functionality is tested.

Air conditioning service (mobile service)

Passengers on buses expect to travel in a pleasant environment in every season. The air conditioning system must be professionally serviced to ensure that it always works properly.

We service the air conditioning (on your premises if requested) in line with our maintenance plan.

  • Incoming control: all pressures and temperatures are checked. 
  • Refrigerant is aspirated and a vacuum is used to check the system for leaks.
  • Defective parts and the refrigerant dryer and air filters are replaced. 
  • The air conditioning system is filled up to the correct level and the oil  in the air conditioning compressor is filled up or replaced. 
  • Finally, all pressures and temperatures are checked and the evaporator is disinfected.