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DC (Dynamic charging)

Due to their electric drive systems, trolley buses are an ideal means of transport for busy urban areas. Trolley buses are efficient, quiet, comfortable, exhaust-free and economical to operate. On short routes with many stops, our quiet, smooth-running, low-floor trolleys are equally popular among drivers and passengers alike. HESS trolley technology also handles unusual topographies and climatic conditions with no problems.



  • Environmentally and climate friendly, low noise, exhaust-free

  • Long lifespan
  • Good return on investment
  • Advanced, low-maintenance electric motors
  • Outstanding handling stability with 2-axle drive
  • Comfortable ride due to even acceleration and braking
  • Efficient through recovery of braking energy
  • Automatic disconnection and reconnection
  • Travel possible without overhead wire over short distances


The batteries on the roof are charged on average at every fourth stop, while the passengers get on and off. This charging process takes only about 20 seconds.

Video HESS lightTram® 25 TOSA - Genf

OPP (Opportunity charging)

At the final stop the batteries on the roof are automatically recharged for a few minutes with renewable energy. This reduces environmental impact and increases the comfort of passengers and residents.

Video HESS lightTram® 19 OPP - Bern