Mission statement of the HESS Group


We are a Swiss family business that is active at the national and international level. We maintain trusting, reliable and cooperative relationships with our customers, business partners and authorities.

We use resources sparingly, not only for the sake of the environment but also in our own financial interest. We want to generate profits to ensure sustainable growth and independence.

Satisfied customers

We want to be the preferred partner for our customers. Our customers sense our competence and can derive benefits from every customer contact. We want to listen carefully to our customers to find out their future needs.

Compelling performance and quality

Best performance and quality are achieved due to our customer focus, innovation, design creativity and in-house processes. We provide solutions where we have mastered the processes and have a high repeat potential. For our own designs, we seek ingenious modular solutions which enable us to flexibly meet specifications. This particularly applies to low costs for materials, installation and maintenance. Excellent service is an essential component of our business model. Flexible and comprehensive repair and maintenance services effectively relieve the pressure on our customers, making us their preferred partner.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Buses and trolleybuses
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Bus and commercial vehicle kits
  • Vehicle servicing and repairs
  • Vehicle spare parts
  • Mechanical engineering and door systems

Active market presence

We actively market our own products and services. Together with our sales partners, we seek to identify opportunities at an early stage and take advantage of them in a targeted manner. We actively contact our customers for service intervals. We inform our target groups about our services on a regular basis.

Successful together

Mutual esteem and reliability form the basis of collaboration in the HESS Group. Our strong organisational identification with the company and personal commitment are important factors in the success of the company. We inspire young people with an apprenticeship for a professional career in the HESS Group. To remain fit for the future, we actively promote continuous professional development throughout the working life. Through our processes and specifications, we ensure various, but uniform quality standards at different locations. Our high volume of orders enables us to achieve low purchase prices. We work efficiently, achieve the agreed goals and actively adopt suggested improvements.

Continuous improvement

We cultivate a culture of continuous improvement with regard to business efficiency, quality, safety and sustainability. We implement the latest knowledge quickly and efficiently.

Health and environmental protection

We place a high value on occupational health & safety and environmental awareness. We want to prevent accidents involving our employees, business partners and visitors. Back-to-work interviews are important to us after periods of absence due to sickness. We pay close attention to the environment in our solutions and processes.