12m electric bus for BGU Grenchen

The 12 metre long lighTram® Plug has space for 82 passengers (of which 26 seated). From this week, it will be in service on the network operated by BGU Busbetrieb Grenchen und Umgebung AG.

The latest HESS rigid bus model is equipped with a 400 kWh battery that has a range of 300 km in summer and 200 km in winter without the need for any intermediate charging. It is charged overnight in the bus depot. The low floor bus is air-conditioned, electrically heated and recuperates energy when braking. As is standard on HESS buses, the passenger area is more spacious than in comparable diesel or gas buses. The panoramic window at the back, which is unique to HESS buses, fills the vehicle with natural light and provides a good view of the sights of everyday life.

Factsheet - lighTram® 12 Plug BGU
Video HESS Charging-Systems - PLUG