Alex Naef takes over the reins at INVESO (Industry Association of Solothurn and the surrounding area) from Josef Maushart.

Carrosserie HESS AG has been in existence since 1882. The first premises were located in Solothurn and the company has been based in Bellach since moving there in the 1940s. Unlike at the start of the company’s history, our products are today in demand around the world. Yet our home and our roots have remained in Solothurn and the surrounding area. That is why we have always promoted the region and, in particular, the interests of the economy in Solothurn and the surrounding area.

Alex Naef (CEO Carrosserie HESS AG) was appointed as the new President of the Industry Association during the 2020 General Meeting and will take over from Josef Maushart, the former President, who held the position for nine years. As well as the presidium, Carrosserie HESS AG is also taking over the secretariat from Fraisa SA.

Press report
Report from the Solothurn newspaper on 21.08.2020

More information on INVESO can be found here