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    v.l. Christoph Wenger (Leiter Personal), Dieter Fräulin (Leiter Lehrwerkstatt), Ernst Basler (CFO), Alex Naef (CEO), Daniel Widmer (Leiter Bus), Daniela Schenk-Probst (Lehrlingsverantwortliche), Fabian Hänggi (Leiter Sparte Reparatur & Service / NFZ) vorne v.l. Jens Grünig (Schweizermeister) und Nils Kocher (7. Rang)

  • [Translate to English:] v.l. Nils Kocher und Jens Grünig

Who will be the next champion?

The central vocational championships - SwissSkills 2022 - provides inspiring insights into the huge diversity of Swiss apprenticeships. Also taking part in the forthcoming championships are the up-and-coming talent among the vehicle fitters.

After intensive preparation, the competition to find the best vehicle fitters will take place next week in Bern. Among the favourites are two professionals from HESS. Nils Kocher and Jens Grünig will be competing in Bern wearing the Hess colours. Their championship task will be to make a two-axle drawbar trailer to drawings and specifications in two days.

The whole HESS team is proud of them and wishes its two talented representatives every success in the competition for the Swiss championship title in 2022.