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Meeting urban requirements

The low-floor model is designed specifically for urban and metropolitan transport systems where short stretches are common: The design ensures that passengers can enter and exit quickly and easily – even with strollers – and provides optimum ease of passenger movement inside the vehicle. HESS low-floor buses are used on a daily basis in many cities.

  • 9.5 to 25 meters long
  • 2-, 3- or 4-axle
  • Diesel or hybrid drive
  • Mainly used in cities and urban areas

Traveling short or long distances in comfort

HESS city buses and bus trains with trailers are setting new standards for travel comfort, logistics and safety in urban, regional as well as long-distance transport.

Low-Floor Gallery

  • Niederflur 1
  • Niederflur 2
  • Niederflur 3
  • Niederflur 4

The HESS line includes 2-axle buses, articulated buses and double-articulated buses with lengths from 9.5 to 25 meters, as well as bus trains of various sizes. We’re especially proud of our lighTram® hybrid, which is Europe’s first double-articulated bus with a serial hybrid drive.

Skizze Nierflur
24.7 m
2.55 m
65 (+2)
ca. 180



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