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A new source of energy

Hybrid technology represents an optimal fusion between an electric drive system and an internal combustion engine, offering clear benefits such as lower fuel consumption, high energy efficiency through recovery of braking energy and less pollution in inner cities and especially at bus stops due to zero emissions. The vehicle’s outstanding operating characteristics are another advantage, especially in combination with 2-axle drive.

HESS hybrid buses use a serial hybrid system that functions ideally in urban areas. Buses using a serial hybrid system have huge benefits especially in inner cities where the potential fuel savings are higher due to the extensive stop-and-go driving.

HESS is a pioneer in the world of hybrid drive systems. The fact that we are the first manufacturer in the world to launch a double-articulated bus with hybrid drive, attests to our leadership in this promising sector too.
The environment rides for free

Our focus on reliable and sustainable mobility is the main reason that HESS buses are so popular around the globe. HESS prefers lightweight, recyclable materials and low-emission drive systems. It’s a fact: HESS precision technology – made in Switzerland – is the ideal basis for ecological sustainability.


Hybrid technology

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